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YouTube: August 2017 In Seconds | 1 Second Everyday

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Knjiški moljac: Entoni Bardžis - Paklena pomorandža

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Knjiški moljac: Elizabet Kraft i Šej Olsen - Cvet

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YouTube: Rock 'n' Roll Atmosphere At Belgrade Beer Fest

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Knjiški moljac: Ruta Sepetis - U moru zrno soli

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What Kind Of Happiness You Can Buy? | Coffee With Sugar

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What's The Meaning Behind My YouTube Name? | Small YouTuber Tag

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Knjiški moljac: Sara Dž. Mas - Stakleni presto

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Knjiški moljac: Saba Tahir - Iskra u pepelu

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Knjiški moljac: Wrap Up - jul 2017,

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Knjiški moljac: Book Haul - Jul 2017.

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Failed Trying Swedish Candy, Going To The Lake And A Lot Of Cats

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Favoriti meseca 2017: Favoriti jula

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YouTube: July 2017 - Month Of Eating And Relaxing | 1 Second Every Day

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YouTube: Letter From USA, Postcard From Norway And New Books

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YouTube: BookTube-A-Thon TBR

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YouTube: Mid Year Book Freakout Tag